1st GACT-Workshop

On June, 14th 2024 our first GACT-Workshop took place in Tübingen (and via Zoom).

Starting with the ASHE colloquium, our external cooperation partner Laura Epp (University of Constance) gave a talk about “Environmental genomic time series of biodiversity: tracking the impact of humans, climate and organismic interactions across centuries and millennia”. About 70 persons took part in this part of the workshop.

After that, different topics, goals and methods to study cave environments and deposits were presented in a smaller GACT-member group:

1. Cosimo Posth: Sedimentary ancient DNA
2. Chris Miller, Susan Mentzer: Biogenic input in cave deposit
3. Valdir Novello: Climate and Cave Monitoring of the Swabian Alb
4. Yvonne Oelmann: Phosphorus in soils and sediments with an outlook on caves
5. Christopher Miller, Susan Menzer: Geoarchaeological approaches to cave sediments
6. Kay Nieselt: Ancient (meta)genomics and bioinformatics: challenges and approaches

In the afternoon, the participants were split into workshops to work on future research questions and cooperations within GACT.