Visiting Researcher Program

One of our GACT initiatives is the „Visiting Researcher Program“ with funding for a 3-month visit in Tübingen for external researchers. If you have a project idea that contributes to any of the GACT research areas, you can apply now for 2024!

What are the benefits?

You will be part of our growing GACT community in Tübingen and get access to our labs and infrastructure. You will learn new methods and protocols and contribute to the GACT interdisciplinary research. During your 3-month-stay in the picturesque town of Tübingen you will also receive a monthly fellowship and your travel expenses will be covered.

Your application should provide a detailed description of your proposed project, including:

  • the aim of the visit/project;
  • the link of the work with thegoals of GACT;
  • the GACT members you plan to collaborate with;
  • the expected outcome, including the type(s) of data and output that will be generated;
  • and an itemized budget with expected visiting period and expected travel expenses.

If you are interested in our „Visiting Researcher Program“, you can contact us using the contact form or directly write an email to the Scientific Coordinator Gerlinde Bigga. We will then send you a form with all informations for your project description.

Image: N. Marković