GACT welcomes Postdoc Víctor Fernández Roces

Víctor Fernández Roces (Víctor Roces), Ph.D. started his Postdoc in April under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hajk Drost, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Cosimo Posth and Prof. Dr. Detlef Weigel at the the GeoGenomic Archaeology Campus Tübingen (GACT) in cooperation with the Computational Biology group, Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Biology and Paleogenomics group, University of Tübingen.

His PhD was focused on abiotic stressors responses in non-model species, such as gymnosperms, from a systems biology approach. During his Master’s and PhD studies, Víctor developed a strong passion for bioinformatics and computational biology. Beyond his professional responsibilities, he thoroughly enjoys exploring new software, especially those related to evolutionary genomics and transcriptomics. If you wish to learn more about Víctor, please visit his webpage: In his Postdoc, he will be focused on developing bioinformatics methods for the authentication of ancient DNA at the GACT.