GACT PhD no. 3

Jens Grammer began his Ph.D. in May under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Yvonne Oelmann at the Geogenomic Archaeology Campus Tübingen (GACT). During his bachelor’s in water resource management, he explored nutrient cycles and human-environment interactions, followed by a Master’s in geography focusing on ecosystem research and environmental chemistry. 

As Jens begins his Ph.D., he shifts his focus to the captivating field of phosphorus cycling in caves and its impact on archaeological artifacts. With his innovative and comprehensive interdisciplinary approach, Jens is determined to unravel the mysteries of our past by exploring the intricate relationship between past human activities and cave environments. 

Beyond his academic pursuits, Jens finds joy and fulfillment in hobbies such as aquaristics, woodworking, horticulture, and traveling. These diverse interests reflect Jens’s holistic approach to life and learning, enriching his understanding of the world and fueling his passion for exploration.