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1st visiting researcher in Tübingen

Dr. Nemanja Marković is a senior research associate, zooarchaeologist at the Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade (Serbia), and guest researcher at the Institute for Archaeological Sciences, Department of Geosciences, University of Tübingen, Tübingen (Germany) under the supervision of Professor Dr. Cosimo Posth. He started pioneering research in the field of animal paleopathology and paleoparasitology in the Central Balkans. As a principal investigator at the project Parasitism and Pleistocene human palaeoenvironment in the Western Balkans: Establishing a multidisciplinary protocol funded by Leibniz Science Campus GeoGenomic Archaeology Campus Tübingen (GACT) currently working on establishing a multi-proxy protocol to a detailed and comprehensive study of Pleistocene coprolites from cave contexts in the Western Balkans. The main project’s focus is innovative research in the field of paleoparasitology by applying the Stockholm Paradigm and multiproxy protocol as a standard for future research of the Pleistocene human palaeoenvironment. The multidisciplinary study of macroscopic, microscopic, and biomolecular remains recovered from coprolites can provide a wide range of information on past human and animal behavior and environments in the light of parasitism. This approach will thus demonstrate the potential of using archival archaeological records combining traditional methodological techniques with various cutting-edge techniques to reduce specimen destruction with increasing resolution of metadata.